Main Functions and Features of all of our Kids Ride On Cars:

All of our ride-on cars come with drive and reverse mode which can be switched via the gear stick, acceleration pedal, a steering wheel which allows for a fully functional and simulated driving experience, and music system to jam to any fresh new tracks, and 2-speed options equivalent to walking or jogging speeds. For extra safety measures, every one of our kids' ride-on cars comes with a parental remote control that can override the manual controls, with functions such as stop, drive, reverse, and steering.


Easy DIY Assembly:

All of our kids ride on cars & bikes come with an assembly manual on how to assemble your kids ride on car/bike. There are no wirings to worry about nor any technical experience is required, its simple as fixing 6 piece puzzle. If you have any questions on assembling your ride on car, we would be more than happy to help you via email or phone, feel free to contact us!


Impact of Surface & Terrain:

The terrain affects the speed of electric vehicles. You would definitely note a decrease in the speed of the vehicle when driving on a soft surface, which is why we prefer driving our electric cars on a solid surface. The same goes for grass riding: while it is undoubtedly achievable, it would decrease the motor.


Battery & Warranty:

We believe we have the most reliable battery technology installed on our products, therefore we provide a Free 1 Year Warranty on all our products, including the batteries. We believe by providing durable and reliable batteries there is less chance of malfunctions and breakage, therefore we guarantee to have the best quality batteries in the market.


Standardized Safety Features:

Our ride-on cars are packed with safety features, such as an emergency stop button on the parental remote control, an adjustable seat belt, a soft-start feature that allows for a smooth acceleration which builds up gradually to prevent any fear or shock when driving our models, and with a max speed of jogging speed.


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