Undrestand Voltage

The "V" stands for "Volts" or "Voltage" it's the amount of electrical pressure it takes to push an electrical current. 12V batteries use two times the amperage at a given power draw, they are less efficient than a 24V battery due to resistive losses. Therefore a ride-on toy with a 24V battery system will draw half the amount of current as a 12V battery system to achieve the same power level, which means your ride-on toy lives out twice as long before you have to replace the battery!


Now, what does this mean when choosing the right ride-on toy?

We are going to be honest, and completely straightforward with you! It does not make a difference! Yes, a ride-on toy’s 24V battery will have a longer life than the 12V, but in the end, it will cost you the same! Let us explain.


You will have to pay the difference when your 12V battery runs out of life to have it replaced, it’s a matter of paying for the extra life now, or waiting till you have to replace it! Yes, that is all!


Myth: 24V Ride On Toys are faster and more powerful!

That’s correct! If anyone tells you otherwise, it’s a misconception and a myth! The power of your ride-on toys depends on the amps and voltage, not just voltage alone, and most of the 12V ride-on toys come in 30amps, and most of the 24V ride-on toys come in 15amps!


Electrical power or the power that is exerted on your ride-on toy is volts multiplied by amps so that 30 amps from a 12V battery is 360 watts, and that 15 amps from a 24V battery are… you guessed it 360 watts! They exert the same power.


More power can lead to more speed, handling more weight, or having a greater ability to cope with rougher surfaces. The amount of power a ride-on toy has depends on the watts and not the voltage alone!


In Conclusion!

All ride-on toys come with a minimum speed of 2 mph and a maximum speed of 6 mph, also referred to as ‘walking speed ‘ and ‘jogging speed’ respectively, so they are safe for ages of 1 to 12. Therefore, the same speed can be achieved with a 12V battery and 24V battery, but if you want longer life from your battery, and don’t mind paying the difference now rather than later, the 24V is the right option for you, but if you rather wait to pay the difference later, then the 12v is the right choice for you.


Where to find a replacement or backup batteries for your ride-on toys?

At https://www.kids-cars.ca/collections/kids-cars-ca-spare-parts you can find all the spare parts for your ride-on toys, including steering wheels, wheels, 12V battery, 24V battery, shifters, motors, remote controllers, keys, chargers, and even receivers. 


For any further questions feel free to contact us via live chat on https://www.kids-cars.ca during our operating hours which is mentioned at https://www.kids-cars.ca/pages/contact-us, and one of our ride on experts will be more than happy to assist you!