The Best Electric Toy Car for Your Child

The Best Electric Toy Car for Your Child

Now that spring is finally here and temperatures are rising, children start spending the majority of their time outside enjoying the lovely weather. Although with covid-19 restrictions children have shown an increase in stress and loneliness, which has now caused them to spend most of their time indoors, isolating. With all public places closed down finding different and new activities to keep children entertained and outside has become difficult. Regardless, this spring you can surprise your child with an outdoor electric car that will have them thrilled to go outside and play. However, we understand that deciding on the best motorized vehicle for your child can be difficult with various options available at your fingertips. For this reason we have compiled a quick list of some of our favourite and diverse choices of motorized cars for kids. 

One of our favourite rides for this season is the Bugatti Divo electric toy car. It comes with many luxurious upgrades, for instance, adjustable seat belts for safe use, leather cushioned seats to ensure maximum comfort and EVA rubber wheels that are typically puncture proof. This miniature sports car also comes with dual rear motors with a 12V battery. Now no need to worry about your child speeding off since this Bugatti toy car also comes with a remote that takes over the cars system to ensure you complete control. Your child will also be able to jam out to their favourite songs with the built in MP3 audio and be able to warn those in their surroundings with the built-in horn sounds. This to 12V battery powered car has a variety of lights including LED headlights, daytime headlights, and dashboard lights. All these fantastic features provide your child the full experience of driving a real car!


If you're looking for a larger two seat, four wheeler ride-on car with parental remote control then a great option would be the Mercedes Benz AMG G63. It's a classy kids toy car equipped with top level features such as EVA rubber tires, 3-point seat belt, and 12V rechargeable battery. This Mercedes ride-on car comes with four strong motors, two speed options, 3 and 5 MPH, and can also hold up to 160lbs! That's not all, the Mercedes play car comes with LED lights, bluetooth, MP3/AUX, USB, and SD card input that guarantees a wonderful and unforgettable experience. This 12V toy car also comes with standard shock absorbers so that your child can ride safely and with style. 


A very popular option amongst parents and children is the BMW style electric ride-on go kart. Although the age groups intended for this 36V electric go kart is 5 to 6 years; 7 to 8 years and even adults. This battery powered ride-on toy for kids is water and weather resistant making it perfect for outdoor use and drift racing! Be cautious while riding given that this one seat four wheeler does not come with a seat belt. The maximum speed the BMW go kart can go is greater than 3MPH and can withstand 143lbs of weight! To top off this incredible car it's good to know that it's carbon neutral and has reduced harmful chemicals. If you're searching for a faster kart to drift with then this is the best option for you!


Given our research, there're many different components to take into consideration while deciding on a ride-on car for your little one/s. The main things to consider are, number of seats, voltage, remote control friendly, and safety aspects. However, every child is different and will enjoy a car more suited for them. If they are only starting out it may be good to start with a slower and more reliable ride-on a car and as their driving skills increase with the use of their car then they can upgrade to perhaps a go kart or another ride-on toy car. Any vehicle that you and your child decide on will surely bring on fun and excitement!

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