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Luxurious Motorized Cars for Girls

Luxurious Motorized Kids Ride On Toys For Girls | Canada Wide!

Most girls are usually gifted with barbies and arts and crafts since they are viewed as mommy and daddy's little princess but it's 2021 and who says princesses don't drive cars? Teach your sweetheart that they can do exactly what the boys can and possibly even more. Get her something more than just clothes, a gift that teaches her skills and independence. Growing up with gender roles can be detrimental to their growth and self love, therefore, it's crucial to get with the times and realize that your daughters would want her very own electrical car instead! The popularity of motorized kids cars have increased greatly over the past years, becoming one the coolest gifts to give any child, boy or girl! Visit Kids Cars CA for all the glamorous cars for your baby girl!


Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 12V One Seater Ride On Kids Car For Girls!

Beautiful sleek design, ultramodern, and high quality. This supercar is sure to turn heads and will have all of your daughter’s friends asking her for a drive. This mini Lamborghini Aventador SVJ comes in three pretty colours, red, pink and yellow to fit your daughters exquisite taste. It comes with realistic sound features such as a built-in horn, engine sounds, and LED headlights to surely grab the attention of anyone around. This luxury mini car is not all about looks as it is packed full with a built-in media player, a working radio, built-in music, AUX input, microSD port, and USB port for your sweetheart to jam out to! With the manual and remote control you're able to allow her to drive manually or use the remote control to safely guide her when necessary; the remote has forward/reverse controls and speed selection. This mini sports car can go as fast as 3-5 MPH, not too fast to scare them but not too slow that it becomes unentertaining. The car guarantees comfort with the upgraded leather seats and safety of your daughter with EVA rubber wheels and seat belt. It’s lavish interior and exterior give it a magnificent look unlike any other motorized vehicle. It also comes with 12V rechargeable batteries and is able to withstand 66lbs of weight. This is the ultimate car for any boss princess that's ready to have the coolest car in the neighbourhood, as a princess should! 


Range Rover Evoque 12V 1 Seater Kids Ride On Car Now Available!

Does your daughter love being the centre of attention? Does she enjoy fancy flashy things? Then this will be an option she will for sure love! The Range Rover Evoque is the toy for every young lady that wants to cruise around with her favourite dolls or friends. This large electric remote controllable ride on car has upgraded leather seats that are more comfortable than some real car seats and also has upgraded EVA rubber tires. Your little girl can ride around on her classy 12V battery powered car while jamming out to her favourite tunes by using the cars MP3, USB, radio, SD input or bluetooth! To add to the fun, this luxury ride on car has pretty LED lights, manual control, safety belt, perfect spring suspension and a convenient carry handle. A car made for any fashionista that's ready to take on the sidewalk!  


The Luxury Mercedes Benz GLS63 Ride On Kids Car is Back & Upgraded!

The Mercedes Benz GLS63 is the perfect ride-on car for any little diva who's looking for the most stylish car! Officially licensed by Mercedes Benz it includes design cues for the original model. This girls electric car comes with different inputs for music, bright LED lights, leather seats, and EVA rubber wheels that are typically puncture proof. This pink kids car comes with gas, brake pedals, and automatic transmission that enhances your kids driving experience. For additional safety measures, this one seat four wheeler comes with a parental remote control that can override the manual controls, with functions such as stop, drive, reverse, and steering. Also by  pressing the emergency stop button on the remote control, the car comes to a stop and becomes entirely non-functional until the button is pressed again. Give your lucky child the full experience of having an officially licensed Mercedes Benz all to themselves!

The weather is warm, the sun is shining and the roads are calling! Surprise your little princess with the car of her dreams this summer! With tons of beautiful mini sports cars to choose from you'll certainly find one to meet her expectations. All of the ride-on cars are made from high quality materials and are best-priced in the market. What are you waiting for? Cars sell out fast at Kids Cars CA so make sure you get yours today!

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  • I bought this elegant kids car for my children and they loved it, best toy they loved in their entire life!!

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