Kids Toys To Take Off-Road [With Links]

Kids Toys To Take Off-Road [With Links]

It is easy for kids to get bored outdoors when they feel like they have nothing better to do than stay indoors and use electronics. With this easy solution, parents will stop begging their child to go outdoors and the child will voluntarily spend most of their time outside. We found the best off-road ride-on cars that will get your child to explore their surroundings and find an interest other than activities that involve remaining indoors! Why get them a ride-on car? Kids nowadays are spending too much time indoors, rather than buying a gaming console or passing them a tablet, get them a ride-on car. It'll provide better childhood memories and get them outdoors, active, and socializing with other kids as they show off their sweet ride.

The Dune Buggy is an amazing option for off-roading, it has a 24V rechargeable battery, is a 2 seater, and one of the few cars with multiple colour choices. It comes in red, white, pink, and blue! It has two black leather seats, MP3 input, Bluetooth, and a maximum speed of 5-8 km/h! This speedy car also comes with a remote control for the parent and an emergency stop button when the child is being unsafe. Not only that, this car can support weights up to 120lbs. 


Dune Buggy Kids Ride On Car

Another amazing option for off-roading is the Mercedes Benz G63 6X6. It’s a 24V, 2 seater, manual and remote control car. It also comes in black and white, and is the official Mercedes brand! This amazing car comes with seatbelts, SD card, MP3, and USB inputs. It comes with a push-button to start the car, has a maximum speed of 3-7 km/h, and can carry up to 100lbs! It also comes with headlights, and two leather seats for a realistic feel of the car. 


Mercedes Benz G63 6X6 Kids ride On Car

Another great option for off-roading is the Mercedes Benz Unimog. It’s a 24V, two seater, that is also one of the few cars that come with multiple colour options such as white, red, and blue. This car is officially licensed by Mercedes Benz and has a realistic Mercedes design! This car is manual and remote controlled and also has an emergency stop button that parents can utilize if their child is being unsafe. Not only that, it comes with a music stereo, Speed up to 9km/h, trunk space, and can support weight up to 100lbs! 

Kids Ride On Car Mercedes Unimog 24V

Without a doubt, these options are a great way to spend time with your child outdoors and may even convince your child there are more beneficial ways to spend time than being indoors using electronics. Hopefully, our little list has given you some insight into the benefits of a ride-on car for kids. With a range of officially licensed products, from top manufacturers, you can be sure that the quality of build matches the eye-catching look.

Best-priced in the market, incomparable! Get your kids one of these ride-on cars and make the best decision ever. Made from high quality materials and fantastic features, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your ride-on car today at Kids Cars! If you’re not sure about navigating the website or have any other questions, it is very easy to get in touch with Kids Cars through their website ‘’.

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