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Top Electric Cars for Toddlers & Children Ages 1-13

Top Electric Cars for Toddlers & Children Ages 1-13

Many parents start teaching their toddlers how to drive at a very young age. Mini cars for kids help teach and develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity in both hands. Fine motor skills are vital and should be worked on in various ways. Children are sponges for information at this age, teach them skills that will assist them in the future. If you're looking for safe and reliable toy cars for toddlers, then has the best options available for your family! They are located in North York, Toronto and offer free delivery to those within a 70KM radius of North York! With many children cars to choose from you're guaranteed to find one that fits your toddlers needs.


BMW M3 Ride On Car | 6V | 1 Seater | Kids Car

One of the safest options to go with is the BMW M3. It's the ideal gift for any young child. This BMW ride-on toy is built for toddlers or younger children as it can only hold up to 45lbs or 20 kgs and can go as fast as 2-4 MPH. Also with the user-friendly remote control, parents can drive their child around remotely until they're old enough to start driving themselves! Some safety features include EVA rubber tires and an emergency stop button, which is perfect for when your child is heading in an unsafe direction. For extra safety measures, every one of our kid ride-on cars come with a parental remote control which can override the manual controls, with functions such as stop, drive, reverse, and steering. This 6V ride-on toy for toddlers has a lasting battery life that offers kids more than two hours of riding time and only takes a couple hours to charge back up! The wheel position is centered, allowing for only one seat and seat belt, and high quality plastic to keep them protected while exploring. That's not all, the BMW ride-on car comes with LED lights, bluetooth, MP3/AUX, USB, and SD card input that guarantees a wonderful and unforgettable driving experience.


Mercedes Benz GLS63 Ride On Car | 12V | 2 Seater | Kids Car

If you're searching for a faster, large, two seater four wheeler car then the Mercedes Benz GLS63 is your best bet. This powerful kids 12V luxurious ride-on car is one of the largest models and ensures hours of uninterrupted fun! Great option if you're looking for a durable car to fit two kids as it can hold up to 118lbs. This Mercedes Benz electric ride on is both fully drivable by a child and remote-controllable by a parent. Packed with numerous supercool features like built-in music and car sounds, USB port to jam out to your own music, flashy lights, opening doors, comfortable leather seats, EVA rubber polymer tires, remote control, adjustable seatbelts, and more! This special car has been officially licensed by Mercedes Benz with signature LED headlights, dashboards, instrument panel, badges, and quad tailpipes for an authentic look. There are two set speeds, 3-5 MPH, to comply with beginners and soon to be race car drivers! The assembly is uncomplicated as it comes with easy step-by-step instructions. Easy for you to set up and tons of unlimited fun for your little ones!


Bentley Bentayga Ride On Car | 12V | 1 Seater | Kids Car

The most popular ride-on car among the famous and rich is the Bentley Bentayga toy car for toddlers. The reason for its popularity is simply the car's deluxe look and design. Since it is officially licensed by Bentley it has design cues from the original such as, signature LED lights, dashboard instruments, and twin tailpipes, giving it an authentic look. It has many upgrades which include leather seats, giving it an incredible soft feel and EVA rubber polymer tires which help avoid punctures. It is equipped with two powerful 6V batteries to provide hours of nonstop fun and it can go as fast as 2-4 MPH! The adjustable seat belt fits one child from ages 2-5 and can withstand 65 lbs of weight. Its soft-start feature allows for smooth acceleration that builds up steadily to rule out any fear or shock. This mini Bentley is a dream come true for children as it comes loaded with neat realistic sound effects including horn and engine startup, built-in MP3 player with speakers and a USB port for a realistic driving experience! Perfect car for parents that love to spoil their child with the best of the best!


Kids Cars CA | Kids Ride On Cars Dealership

Children's cars sell out rapidly at so make sure to get an electric powered car for your toddler today! With fantastic service and top quality products you're certain to have a pleasant experience with them. They have various remote-controllable ride-on cars for toddlers plus upgraded features, and a one year warranty free of charge, you're guaranteed an awesome deal! Start teaching your toddler how to drive and improve those necessary fine motor skills!

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