Best Off Road Battery Powered Kids Cars in Canada

Best Off Road Battery Powered Kids Cars in Canada

It's the season of off-roading and adventure here in Canada! Are you and your kids prepared for all the fun and races possible with best off road electric toy cars? If not, then no problem! We have picked out some of the most durable and fully equipped toy cars for your youngsters. Kids Cars Canada has a wide range of toy cars for kids to choose from! 

First off, we have the sought after Freddo off road truck. This impressive off road toy truck for kids is a two seater with shiny leather seats. Its 12V battery has a lasting battery life that offers kids more than two hours of riding time and only takes a couple hours to charge back up! There are two set speeds, 3 & 5 MPH, comes with sturdy EVA rubber tires, seatbelts, and standard suspensions to help keep your child safe while they enjoy their journey. Comes with many supercool features such as LED lights, MP3, AUX, USB, SD, and bluetooth input! Children love all the lights and sounds their car is able to make and it will undoubtedly create a realistic and thrilling experience for them! Parents will still be able to have control of this electric four wheeler since it has a parental remote control, remote control override and emergency stop button to ensure their safety or perhaps you'd like to join in on the fun with them.

Next we have a 12V UTV 4x4 off-road Kids Ride-On Buggy! This giant two seater is intended to take on some rough areas smoothly and is absolutely ideal to tackle the outdoors with. This upgraded model is  powered by a 12V battery, and has shown to supply this long lasting and dependable performance. This off-road ride on buggy is now equipped with larger motors to dominate trails easily. To add, the rubber wheels now have high qaulity traction proficiency, and upgraded suspensions to fabricate an untroubled driving experience for your little explorer! Of course it's not complete without some trendy lights and nice tunes, this upgrade also includes features such as LED lights, MP3, AUX, USB, SD, and bluetooth input! This first-rate off road buggy comes in three different colours, red, blue, perfect for any child to enjoy. 

Last but surely not least is the Jeep Wrangler 4X4 ride on car. This beauty is fully supplied with upgraded leather seats for maximum comfort, EVA rubber tires, seatbelt for safety, built in MP3 player and AUX, perfect for jamming out to some tunes! The hydraulics and rocking function are great for control and transmission of power. Also included is a 12V battery that offers more than two hours of fun and is easily rechargeable. This Jeep play car is available in four colours, red, white, pink, and green, to fit every child's taste! 

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